5 Best Exercises for Women Over 50

Reasons to train change as you age. In my 20s it was all about matching my leg heaters to my headband and mimicking strikes from Flashdance. I took back-to-back cardio courses (obsessive a lot?) and ended up with a stress fracture of my foot because of the unforgiving flooring of that period.

High affect on concrete flooring can damage you. Who knew?

After greater than 35 years of exercising, I’ve tried nearly all the pieces, some with extra success than others. Today, high-intensity exercises – P90X, CrossFit (a complete story in itself), Insanity – don’t encourage me or intrigue me.

My knees damage simply fascinated about a number of the strikes.

But I’ve by no means wavered in a single modality: resistance coaching. No matter what else I did, I by no means stopped weight coaching. 

I’ve had a love-hate affair with weights ever since I hoisted my first dumbbell. You can’t get the identical outcomes strolling or simply doing any sort of cardio.

So I’ve gathered my high 5 resistance workouts for ladies over 50 that focus on a couple of of the largest hassle spots.

Keep in thoughts that you simply additionally must eat clear (ditch the junk meals and reduce on parts!) and do cardio not less than 30 minutes a day for greatest outcomes. Plus, when you grasp these strikes make sure to add to them to maintain making progress.

Do these 3x per week, 12 – 15 reps, 1 set to start out and work as much as three units.

SQUATS: Done correctly, squats hit all the key muscle tissues of the decrease physique, significantly the glutes. Most ladies don’t squat low sufficient or use sufficient resistance to see outcomes. If your knees damage (like mine!), begin with an intensive warm-up (5 to 10 minutes of strolling or biking) and a modified model and do them fewer occasions per week. Even as soon as per week helps in case you’re additionally doing cardio.

Perfect kind:

Stand with toes barely wider than shoulder width aside.

–Engage (tighten) your abdominals and convey your arms out in entrance to counter stability.

–Keep your weight in your heels as you decrease your self in the direction of the ground by bending on the hips and knees; push your glutes out as in case you’re about to take a seat on a public commode.

–Continue squatting till thighs are parallel to the ground or till your heels start to raise off the ground. Pause a second or two after which slowly increase again up, pushing by your heels.

You ought to really feel this within the entrance of your thighs and glutes. Repeat 15 occasions for three units. Add weight with dumbbells or a weighted bar as you progress.

PUSH UPS: Push-ups tone and strengthen the complete chest in addition to the backs of the arms, too (triceps act as stabilizing muscle tissues). If you’re beginning out, strive them towards a kitchen counter and work your approach as much as knees after which as much as full push-ups on the balls of your toes.

Perfect kind:

Lie face down on the ground and convey arms out to your sides subsequent to your chest, fingers pointed in entrance of you. (If you will have wrist ache as I do, grasp onto dumbbells as an alternative of placing your arms flat on the bottom.)

–Come up onto the balls of your toes or in your knees if it is advisable modify the transfer.

–Keep your physique in a straight line and abs engaged as you push your self up; decrease and repeat as many occasions as you may, aiming for 15 reps. Do 2 to three units.

PLANKS: Best core train ever. Did you realize over 20 muscle tissues comprise the core? That’s proper. Planks strengthen your core, again, abs and your complete midsection. Again, you can begin by standing, along with your forearms towards the wall, and progress to conventional on-your-toes planks. Start with 20 to 30 seconds and work your approach as much as a minute or extra.

Perfect kind:

Lie in your abdomen and prop your self up in your forearms and the balls of your toes, elbows straight underneath your shoulders.

–Engage your abdominals as you increase your physique off the bottom till you’re in a straight line: shoulders, hips, knees and ankles ought to all align.

–Do not enable your hips to hike up or sag. Hold 20 to 60 seconds. Repeat.

ROWS: A hunched-over posture ages you greater than something, and strengthening your again may also help you keep upright. Use a easy piece of train tubing, medium to heavy resistance. These additionally tone your biceps, since they help you in pulling.

Perfect kind:

–Using a bit of train tubing with a deal with on one finish, connect the middle of the tubing to a door hinge or wrap it round a sturdy object.

–Stand going through the door hinge in a staggered place, one foot in entrance of the opposite, for stability.

–Grasp the handles of the tubing and step again till your arms are straight and you are feeling rigidity on the tubing. Pull the handles again as you squeeze your shoulder blades collectively (with out shrugging!); pause and slowly return to beginning place. Do 12 to 15 reps for three units.

LATERAL/FRONT RAISES: This transfer does double responsibility for shoulders. By bringing weights out to every aspect after which in entrance you goal all the key deltoid muscle tissues. Strapless costume, anybody?

Perfect kind:

Stand with toes shoulder-width aside and maintain dumbbells, one in every hand, going through in in the direction of your physique all the way down to you sides.

–Keeping arms straight however not locked out, increase dumbbells out to the edges till they’re parallel to the bottom; slowly carry them again to beginning place after which increase them straight up in entrance of you till they’re as soon as once more parallel to the bottom. Repeat the aspect to entrance movement for a complete of 10 to 12 reps. Repeat for 2 to three units.


Do you will have a favourite train? Let me know within the feedback part under. I’d love to listen to from you! And please share this along with your ageless buddies. I’d be perpetually grateful :).

In the meantime, keep match, fab and ageless!

Your ageless physique coach,