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Diamond engagement rings, ardour and intrigue are inseparable. Why else would an affordable man give his lover a $ 5,000, 10,000 or $ 25,000 diamond engagement ring? The reply is straightforward — Men give diamond engagement rings to girls that awaken their PASSION. Not solely are women and men keen about diamonds, the diamonds themselves have been recognized to awaken a romantic ardour since historical instances.

Diamond Engagement Rings — Cullinan Diamond

Most folks buy a diamond engagement ring that holds a one carat diamond, maybe two carat diamond, three, 4? The "Cullinan Diamond", present in South Africa, was the most important tough diamond ever discovered, it weighed 3,106 carats. Imagine attempting to suit that diamond in her diamond engagement ring. The Cullinan Diamond is on show on the Tower of London and is a part of the British crown jewels.

Diamond Engagement Rings -Diamond Origins

The Greek phrase for diamond — "adamas" — means "unconquerable" and says all of it. Since their discovery, diamonds have been passionately sought, fought over, worshipped, traded, stolen, hoarded and used to forged spells in each tradition. Given it's historical past, you’d suppose the diamond is probably the most complicated of stones. Instead, the best! For all it's fiery magnificence, a diamond is simply pure carbon and first cousin to a pencil!

Love Tokens — Diamond Engagement Rings

Love tokens have been round since Adam and Eve within the Garden of Eden. Diamond engagement rings are ideally suited love tokens as a result of her diamond will look the identical manner in 50 or 500 years at it does proper right this moment in her diamond engagement ring. While a love token could virtually something — guide, image, attraction, and many others. nothing compares to a diamond engagement ring to seize the center and creativeness of your lover's soul.

Diamond Symbolism — Diamond Engagement Rings

In historical instances, the diamond was believed to make its wearers brave and victorious over their enemies. For all their energy,, diamonds have been additionally thought-about as symbols of modesty and of innocence. When set in gold and worn on the left facet, it held the ability to drive away nightmares and soothe savage beasts.

Diamonds, Dazzle & Hollywood — Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings are sometimes designed, forged and bought in the identical romantic places as well-known motion pictures. Locations similar to Hollywood, New York City, London, Los Angeles, Paris, and many others. have been the scenes of many well-known transferring that includes gorgeous diamond engagement rings and jewellery. The well-known designers, film stars, millionaires and thieves which have purchased, bought, stolen and given their girls diamonds for one motive — the eagerness & intrigue of real love.