The Y44 Workout Method

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When I used to be 15, I used to be launched to weight coaching. It reworked my life then, and it retains doing so now. I actually did not know what I used to be doing then. I simply learn a whole lot of magazines and did workouts that made sense. In an period of school soccer with most weight rooms both lower than one thousand sq. toes or just nonexistent, I used to be one in every of just a few gamers to take weight coaching severely. As I write this text right this moment in 2015 I can proudly say that as a university participant 50 years in the past my bench was 405, my squat was 505, and my deadlift was 605. I by no means took steroids, and my solely vice was protein shakes.

I’ve a bachelor’s diploma and grasp’s diploma in kinesiology. My grasp’s thesis was on energy coaching. I used to be a head soccer and swimming coach at the highschool stage earlier than changing into a medical and sports activities psychologist 30 years in the past. I by no means stopped figuring out. In reality, once we added on to our home, my spouse allowed me to show our outdated master suite right into a full weight room full with bench, squat cage, lat machine, leg extension & curl machine, sit up board, treadmill, 550 kilos of free weights, and dumbbells from 10-70. Our home was the hangout for all our son’s teammates. OK, sufficient background.

In my ignorant youth I used to be figuring out 3X/week for about 2 ½-Three hours, which included all physique elements. Of course, now we all know that’s overtraining, however nobody advised me. I simply knew I preferred the outcomes. Over the years I’ve tried excessive reps, tremendous units, and all the standard exercises. For probably the most half, all of them work if you’re constant. What I can inform you is that at my present age of 68, I can nonetheless maintain my very own within the weight room with males a lot youthful. We all now know that sarcopenia (lack of muscle as a result of getting older) is considerably inevitable, but it surely most actually could be slowed down and delayed by correct exercise even within the absence of nice quantities of testosterone, so long as protein necessities are met (1.2-1.5 grams/kilo of body weight for males and barely much less for ladies). I ended doing heavy lifting years in the past, however many contemplate what I carry now to be heavy. Even my teammates from 50 years in the past lately made that remark.

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, has been proven to be the simplest and environment friendly technique of attaining good cardio. So after nearly a yr of experimentation, I mixed HIIT with weights. Please perceive that Y44 is a technique of figuring out. You can nonetheless do no matter workouts you need, cut up your exercises, and so on. The fantastic thing about Y44 is you solely should do one set of the train to get wonderful outcomes. In reality, doing extra is overtraining. I can nearly hear the skeptics now, however please be open-minded. I’ve turned many skeptics into believers. People have been very happy with the Y44 technique.

If you’re a senior or considerably out of weight coaching form, please see your physician and get her or his approval earlier than you try the Y44 (I all the time emphatically advocate getting a full bodily earlier than enterprise any new exercise routine). Yes, it is that intense. This is NOT a newbie’s exercise. You additionally want to ensure your kidneys are functioning correctly so as to have the ability to deal with the protein.

The greatest outcomes from weight coaching are once you take a muscle to finish exhaustion. Please take into account the protein necessities,in any other case this may not work. Again, take into account you are able to do nearly any train utilizing the Y44 precept. I say nearly as a result of some like flat barbell bench or free bar squats, can’t be carried out this manner. If you need to do bench or squats with the Y44 technique, a machine is your best option.

For the aim of explaining the Y44 technique I’ll use dumbbell bench for example. Again, it is a technique. You can proceed no matter workouts you need together as long as you give no less than 72 hours between figuring out a particular physique half. Okay, let’s do that.

Take no matter weight you are able to do Eight reps with and reduce that in half. As an instance, I can comfortably do Eight reps with 100 lbs. dumbbells, so my Y44 set shall be with 50’s. I set my timer for Four minutes. I lie down and do as many reps as I can do till I am unable to transfer, normally someplace between 21-25,then I sit up. I take precisely Four breaths, and return down and repeat the method. I normally am capable of get possibly 7-Eight reps. I sit up and take one other Four breaths, and again down, this time possibly getting 3-Four reps. I repeat this course of till the timer goes off. Four minutes, Four breaths equals Y44. This constitutes one set, and that is all that’s wanted.

It appears far too easy, particularly for individuals who suppose you want 5-Eight units. Keep in thoughts, that is weight coaching, not bodybuilding. This is extra on the order of physique sculpting. Oh, sure, and for those who do not suppose this includes cardio, monitor your pulse through the exercise. Y44 is a hybrid HIIT. As with all weight coaching, be sure that your kind is superb to keep away from accidents.

I’m not a researcher, so, no, there are not any research versus a management group to level to, and at this level in my profession and private life, I’m simply thrilled to get outcomes and share them. I’m glad to let my background communicate for itself. I’ll let some graduate assistant or doctoral candidate set the entire thing up, document the outcomes, and do all the assorted statistical analyses. I’d be glad to assist.

Just bear in mind it’s going to take you a couple of month simply to get in form to actually assault the Y44 technique. As the outdated authorized disclaimer goes, «Results could differ.» By all means e mail me and inform me I’m loopy. I really like to listen to all of the fantastic outcomes from a fellow loopy.