The Thymus Gland's Role in Body Wellness

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Are any of you aware of the Thymus Gland? It is situated in our higher chest behind the breast bone. When we mechanically slap our chest with our open palm in a second of shock, we are literally stimulating our Thymus Gland. But allow us to check out how this gland is tied to physique wellness.

For a few years scientists thought that the Thymus Gland served no operate in adults. I do know that sounds fallacious as a result of to my data, organs and glands often fulfill their very own distinctive goal. And the correct functioning of organs, glands and every thing else helps to create physique wellness.

What we do know now’s that the Thymus Gland shrinks quickly throughout instances of great sickness or stress. And that if one had been to conduct an post-mortem of say a 50 12 months outdated wholesome lady who died instantly, say in a automobile crash, her Thymus could be a lot bigger than the Thymus of a girl of the identical age who died of a persistent degenerative illness .

According to John Diamond, MD in his e-book Your Body Doesn't Lie proof accrued over the previous 30 years on the Thymus Gland's function in immunology is overwhelming. In circumstances the place the Thymus has been destroyed or eliminated our physique wellness is compromised as a result of we turn out to be much less efficient in preventing an infection and illness.

According to Patricia Ann Hellinger, pure therapeutic lecturer, counselor and writer of Hiatal Hernia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

"If the gland is not performing 100% of its full capacity: It will cause the whole body to fall to illness, fatigue, and disease."

Is it doable to strengthen and assist the Thymus? According to Carson B. Burgstiner, MD in his work on Thymus assist protocol, he recommends "a healthy diet, rest, water, exercise and learning to manage stress effectively is key to a well functioning Thymus. In addition, taking supplements like Vitamins C and E, beta carotene and selenium help to protect the Thymus from free radical damage. "

The Thymus gland seems to be a major hyperlink in the functioning of our immune system and to our total physique wellness.