Osteoporosis — Natural Solutions to Bone Loss

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44 Million People within the US over the age of 50 have bone issues. 1.5 million Americans endure fractures due to weak bones. Half of all girls over 50 years outdated can have an osteoporosis associated bone fracture. If you might be over 50 years outdated you might be in danger. Some different threat elements are:

o Older than 65

o Experienced a bone fracture after 50

o An in depth relative has osteoporosis or has damaged a bone.

o Health is poor

o Smoke

o Underweight

o Started menopause earlier than 45

o Not bodily lively

o Suffer from Hyperthyroidism

o Cancer

o Inflammatory Bowel Disease

o Multiple Sclerosis

o Rheumatoid Arthritis

So what are the medicine which can be being prescribed for tens of millions of individuals worldwide to deal with Osteoporosis? Primarily there are three: Fosamax, Boniva and Actonel. There are others which can be administered intravenously however let’s focus on the three hottest.

These medicine are categorized as bisphosphonates which is an ingredient used for a few years in fertilizers, soaps, laundry detergents and industrial lubricants. Fosamax, the very best promoting of the three bisphosphonates, is Merck’s second finest promoting drug. It has topped $four billion in gross sales and tens of millions of prescriptions are written yearly. Incidentally, Consumers Affairs in 2007 reported that Merck put aside 48 million for a protection fund in opposition to lawsuits associated to the uncomfortable side effects which for many individuals are very debilitating.

Actonel is the second most profitable medicine on this class and coincidentally Proctor and Gamble who makes Actonel additionally makes laundry detergent and toothpaste.

Boniva is a taken as soon as a month — I’m positive you’ve gotten seen the commercials with Sally Field.

The bisphosphonates in these medicine work by slowing the speed at which our bones lose their density. Our bones break down after which construct again up, it their pure cycle of development. When we’re youthful our bones construct sooner than they break down and naturally as we age this course of slows down. So these bisphosphonates seem to be doing the job — not likely since slowing down bone loss additionally inhibits new bone development. Old bones are extra prone to fracture, the very situation they’re attempting to keep away from. Dr. Susan M. Ott states «Many individuals imagine that these medicine are ‘bone builders’, however the proof reveals they’re really bone hardeners». She goes on to say «bones might turn into brittle with lengthy-time period accumulation.

Can bisphosphonates which can be utilized in laundry detergent, fertilizers and industrial lubricants be secure for human consumption?

Side Effects:

The commonest uncomfortable side effects of the bisphosphonates are gastrointestinal. They embody programs resembling:

o Cramping

o Nausea

o Diarrhea

o Constipation

o Inflammation of the esophagus

o Ulceration of the esophagus

o Heartburn

o Difficulty swallowing

The checklist goes on with a complete host of different signs resembling dental issues, blood clotting issues, irritability, anemia, joint issues, muscle ache, imaginative and prescient loss. The absolute worse facet impact is irreversible and is known as Osteonecrosis which is the lack of the jaw to heal after dental surgical procedure or tooth extraction. This situation may be very painful and might trigger ulcers, an infection, uncovered bone and sores.

The drawback with all these uncomfortable side effects is that different medicine are then prescribed to cope with them. So then we begin taking an acid reducer to cope with the gastrointestinal signs, an anti-inflammatory to cope with the irritation signs, and a ache reliever to cope with our joint and muscle signs.

Is this actually one of the best ways to cope with a problem that till a view years in the past wasn’t even categorized as a illness? Mayo Clinic in 2006 acknowledged that 37% of ladies older than 50 don’t meet the true standards of Osteoporosis and are wrongfully recognized. Why then, the frenzy to get tens of millions of ladies taking medicine which can be so harmful.


Osteoporosis shouldn’t be inevitable. Regardless of genetic dangers, most of us can keep robust, wholesome, fracture-resistant bones all through our lifetimes. While a certain quantity of bone loss could happen with growing older, growing dietary and life-style habits that lead to bone loss, exercising usually, getting sufficient calcium and vitamin D and different supportive vitamins.

It is essential to communicate to your physician about your bone well being since there are such a lot of elements concerned. Hormones play an enormous half on this illness so bio-obtainable hormone substitute could also be an possibility for you.

Ultimately, the choice about what to do about your bone well being rests with you. It is your accountability to get educated and there are lots of, many sources obtainable.

o Talk to your physician and get prevention suggestions in addition to remedy choices.

o Thoroughly examine the medicine, their claims of success, and their uncomfortable side effects.

o Learn about which meals you have to be consuming that may improve your calcium consumption.

o Learn about how a lot calcium and vitamin D you want

o Develop an train program that’s best for you..