Menstruation is Not a Natural Occurrence

Heart Disease and Lifestyle Improvement For Women

The author has learn previous publications on this topic for a few years and as current as this yr in on-line articles. This is one of the crucial extensively accepted, generally repeated assumptions in our tradition, simply as we have to eat meat, and cook dinner our meals.This shall be mentioned in later articles and it will likely be tied in to this matter. The proof shall be offered that the fore talked about title is a bloody lie, no pun supposed, simply to enslave girls. The articles shall be offered in «The Great Law revisited».

Dr. Herbert Blackschleger wrote in his startling e book, Hide and concurred with different nice thinkers of the previous similar to Johan G. Fichte (1762-1814). The agenda of our society «is to destroy free will, that as quickly as pupils go away faculty they are going to be incapable by out their years of pondering or appearing in any other case as their faculty masters would have wished.» Diet, injections and inoculations will mixed from a very early age, to provide the type of character and perception that the authorities thought-about fascinating». Dr. Herbert Blackschleger knew the ‘educated and enlighten’ really, are to a nice extent, mind washed and hypnotized. In the e book Hide, he states, «In at present’s interval of so-called ‘freedom’ extra persons are dwelling beneath bodily, tranquilized, and lobotomized slavery than ever earlier than in historical past.» If you free an excessive amount of blood and can’t get a transfusion, you die. Blood is our life power. Nocturnal emissions are the identical as menstruation loss. Professional boxers are instructed by their trainers by no means have relations throughout coaching and earlier than a struggle. It weakens you and depletes your reserves.

Education is a tough misnomer. The faculties will not be designed to coach however to cultivate. We proceed to imagine the hype from mass media. Now allow us to lower to the chase. Menstruation is unnatural. If it is pure, why are there merchandise available on the market begging to your bucks to cease it? Menstruation in girls corresponds to seminal emissions in males. It is claimed that there was a time within the distant previous when menstruation was unknown amongst girls. When it did happen, it was considered a illness, requiring isolation. Primitive races at present nonetheless regard the menstruating as affected by illness. The girls are remoted in a particular constructing to recuperate throughout this era.

Why does fashionable society have this illness? We have the Doctor in our physique. Shakespeare has written, «What a piece of labor is man!» The reality of the matter, a doctor has no therapeutic powers on the subject of therapeutic the physique. We imagine the authorities that it is a pure prevalence.

With research of nocturnal emissions in males, figuring out it to be common is actually unnatural and might be abolished by a low protein weight-reduction plan. The query arises whether or not the identical is probably not the case with menstruation in girls. Studies have proven that throughout the first World War, when meals provide in Central Europe was very restricted and when all the inhabitants lived on a low protein weight-reduction plan containing little or no meat or different animal proteins, a giant variety of girls all of a sudden stopped menstruating.

There have been a giant variety of circumstances recorded in medical literature of ladies dwelling to outdated age with out menstruating as soon as, and have raised giant households. This disproves the concept that menstruation is obligatory for well being or bearing youngsters. Dr. Power writes in his Essays on the Female Economy, «Were girls dwelling in a state of nature there is no cause however that this discharge is perhaps unknown.» Havelock Ellis, in his «Man and Women» quotes one writer who claims that beneath pure circumstances of dwelling, a wholesome girls won’t ever menstruate.»

Wild animals in nature don’t undergo that course of, however when domesticated and overfed, and as a end result are over stimulated sexually, will menstruate at common durations. The research of Dr. Alexander
Haig, Professor Arnold Ehret, Dr. Havelock Ellis, and Professor Evens of the University of California, concur with their research on the impact of a low protein (meatless) weight-reduction plan in decreasing and abolishing the menstrual hemorrhages.

The low protein weight-reduction plan alone was not the trigger, however the separation of the sexes, with ensuing avoidance of uterine congestion in girls ensuing from sexual stimulation. Since the lads had been away on the entrance, and after returning and on the shut of the struggle, menstruation in girls promptly reappeared. Diet and intercourse lifetime of the ladies has a lot to do with this difficulty. We take a look at the truth that nuns and girls who dwell in chastity have very quick and scanty menstruation durations, lasting not than a day or extra whereas the prostitutes have a lengthy continued and profuse menstruation usually lasting for 2 weeks or extra.

Please bear this reality: dietary strategies for decreasing and abolishing menstruation; having a low protein meatless weight-reduction plan to scale back the uterine blood stress and movement and stopping hyperemia (an extra of blood) on this organ. Being intimate with a associate inflicting sexual excitation will increase the menstrual tendency. Menstruation is a lack of feminine intercourse hormones, that are the supply of feminine youth, magnificence, well being and longevity. With chastity in play the lack of intercourse hormone is safe as on the male. The intercourse hormone is used for different higher accomplishments to happen, similar to innovations, concepts, and mathematical wonders. With a low protein meatless weight-reduction plan, your thoughts is mild, your ideas are clear; your sight is higher; the senses are a lot stronger. The Fountain of Youth is inside, and this is known as The Golden Oil. You regenerate the physique with the lack of intercourse hormones for males by voluntary or involuntary seminal emissions.

The secret of feminine regeneration is to keep away from the lack of feminine intercourse hormones by genital mucous discharges or hemorrhages. The masters of years previous similar to Pythagorean advocated continence as a follow of utmost physiological worth each to physique and mind, for he thought-about the semen as «the flower of the purest blood,» Menstruation loss in girls is the identical in worth as semen loss within the male.

Pythagorean taught that there was a direct connection between the semen and the mind and that lack of semen weakens the mind, whereas its conservation improves the vitamin within the mind, for the reason that substances thus conserved act as mind vitamins. The father of medication, Hippocrates wrote about its impact on the spinal twine. Aristotle wrote about semen being a very powerful element of our meals.

On a current, «Muscle and Fitness» journal, a physique builder in on the quilt with a stake in a single hand raised excessive and a slicing knife on sliced stakes on a desk saying «Eat like a Man! On a «News Week» journal cowl story with the headline «The Myth of Exercise in Losing Weight» This is all hype for the buyer to imagine in one thing that may carry cash into the company world. Advertisers inform the medical world this is what the general public want. When the general public will get sick from the meat, chemical laden meals, then they should take or be prescribed these medicine to remedy their illnesses. The media is advocating the general public to interrupt The Great Law. The Great Law is recognized by a few enlighten folks. There are societies and cultures who don’t get the ailments of contemporary society. These societies live in their very own pure state of existence, and following The Great Law because it is taught.

On our subsequent installment we’ll talk about the hazards of meat, chemically laden meals, and dairy merchandise on the physique. Also, «cook dinner not from the fireplace,» says The Essene Gospel Of Peace.