Want to Live Longer? Drink Sour Milk (or Fermented Foods!)

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That is a well-known quote from the japanese European nation of Georgia (previously of the Soviet Union) relating to the lengthy lifetime of the individuals in that area. They have historically consumed giant quantities of fermented meals, together with yogurt, however this isn’t very practical in lots of areas of the world at present, together with the United States. Many individuals are lactose illiberal, however you possibly can nonetheless eat fermented meals!

Today the advantages of fermented meals are actually catching on, however do you know that the fermentation course of was initially used to enhance the protecting and storing of meals? It’s thought that camel, buffalo, goat, sheep and cow milk have been initially fermented naturally into yogurt. The sizzling temperatures (110 F) of the North African deserts have been ultimate for lactic acid-producing micro organism to ferment the milk carried by camels in goat luggage. Almost each area on the planet has developed fermented meals of their quest to purchase new tastes and enhance shelf life. Farmers, slightly than scientists, used their ingenuity and creativeness. They have been pondering when it comes to how to greatest present for his or her households, not realizing that hundreds of years later, scientists could be inspecting the potential well being advantages of fermented meals.

Elie Metchnikoff, a well-known Russian Nobel prize-winning Bacteriologist regarded into the doable well being advantages of fermented meals within the early 1900’s. He observed that Bulgarians had a mean life span of 87 years-that was for much longer than the 50 12 months life expectancy within the US at the moment and virtually 10 years longer than even at present’s common life expectancy of 78 years! One of probably the most important variations of their way of life was the consumption of fermented milks! Since Metchnikoff’s authentic examine, researchers have discovered that many populations use fermented meals. Georgians, from what was formally referred to as the Soviet Union, dwell over 100 years and are enjoying polo and dealing within the farm fields! They attribute their lengthy lives to fermented or «bitter» milk, which is the place the quote from the title of this weblog got here from! I’m unsure I’d need to be working within the farm fields at 100, however I’d love to nonetheless be driving my horses at that age!

I do know that my household has tremendously benefited from fermented meals. My husband and I are in our 50’s, feeling and searching higher than we did in our 30’s! CJ’s intestinal points are healed, his thoughts is evident and his physique is wholesome. In reality, all our kids are wholesome. I KNOW that we’d not be the place we’re well being sensible at present with out the advantages of uncooked natural fermented probiotic meals.

There are so many advantages of consuming fermented meals and researchers simply maintain including extra issues to the listing. Here are a few of the advantages of fermented meals:

  • Improves digestive operate
  • Improves bowel operate
  • Improves temper
  • Improves liver operate
  • Decreases wrinkles
  • Improves circulatory operate
  • Improves joint and muscle operate
  • Improves sleep operate
  • Improves resistance to allergic reactions
  • Improves vitamin absorption
  • Improves lactose tolerance
  • Improves gluten tolerance
  • Improves urge for food
  • Improves pores and skin high quality
  • Improves metabolism
  • Improves psychological readability (gut-brain connection)
  • Decreases your digestive illnesses
  • Decreases your abdomen illnesses
  • Decreases incidence of coronary heart burn
  • Decreases incidence of constipation
  • Decreases incidence of diarrhea
  • Decreases the presence of yeast infections
  • Decreases incidence of oral cavity infections
  • Decreases gasoline and bloating
  • Increases dietary absorption
  • Increases power
  • Increases hydration

Sometimes we’re so overwhelmed with trendy know-how that we overlook the advantages of simplicity. Today there are such a lot of genetically modified refined and processed meals polluting our our bodies. They have been designed to make our lives simpler, however that does NOT imply more healthy! Our ancestors have been onto one thing by fermenting their meals to maintain them edible for longer durations of time. Our our bodies can’t deal with the chemical substances it takes to maintain meals steady/recent on our cabinets for years. I’d a lot slightly have the «good» micro organism from my fermented meals in my intestine, slightly than topic my physique to the dangerous toxins in processed meals. It’s a «no brainer!» So if you have not tried Real Food Real Life’s uncooked, natural fermented probiotics but, please do-you’re going to discover a more healthy, happier you, not to point out wanting bodily higher! Educate your self on what cultured/fermented meals can be found (similar to miso, kimchi, sauerkraut and kefir, to title a number of) and how one can add them into your day by day weight-reduction plan. A enjoyable household journey could be to do a fast Internet search on what fermented meals YOUR ancestors ate! Mine made and ate fermented meats and cheese like salmon and parmesan.

Eat Fermented Foods!

Eat Well, Be Well, «Live Longer«