The Korea Jindo Dog

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The Korean Jindo canine is a searching breed that originated in Jindo Island in Korea. Although it’s comparatively unknown exterior of Korea, it’s extremely celebrated and valued for its fierce loyalty and bravado. The Jindo is a medium sized canine, weighing between about 25 to 50 kilos. It is double-coated and appears like a spit-type canine. Two physique kinds, Gyupgae and Heutgae, exist. Gyupgae describes a shorter, compact, and extra muscular physique whereas Heutgae expresses a slender canine, with much less depth of chest and an extended loin. Korean legislation solely formally acknowledges white and yellow Jindos as having right coloration. However, the United Kennel Club acknowledges 5 totally different coat colours of white, fawn, gray, black and tan, and brindle.

There isn’t any written report of the historical past of the Jindo. However, consultants agree that the Jindo canine originated on Jindo Island. They have been most likely bred to hunt wild boars, rabbits, badgers, and deer. They have additionally been recognized to hunt extraordinarily harmful animals, resembling Siberian tigers. Jindos are one in every of three canine breeds recognized that has ever been capable of hunt the tigers. They are famend for his or her searching capability resulting from their braveness, crafty, and pack sensibility. There are anecdotal tales in Korea about homeowners being woken early within the morning to have their Jindo cause them to a deer they killed through the night time. Stories additionally exist of intruding coyotes being killed by Jindos within the United States.

Another favourite story a few Jindo canine occurred in 1993. Baekgu, a 7 12 months previous feminine Jindo, was offered to a special proprietor in a city about 185 miles away from her unique proprietor. She escaped her new residence and traveled 7 months again to her previous proprietor, arriving in a pores and skin and bones situation. Baekgu turned a nationwide sensation and has a statue erected in her honor in Jindo County.

Jindo canines are thought of a nationwide monument of Korea. They are protected below the Cultural Properties Protection Act below the «Jindo Preservation Ordinance.» Additionally, the breed marched within the opening ceremonies of the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul. The United Kennel Club (UKC) acknowledged the breed in 1998 however the American Kenner Club nonetheless doesn’t acknowledge the breed.

The Jindo canine is a loyal and pleasant household pet. Because they’re such a loyal species and a very good watch canine, Jindos may be aggressive with strangers. If you have an interest in studying extra about how one can deal with this situation, this pet aggression web site can present useful info.