Resveratrol, Sex Drive, and Sex Hormones in Men and Women

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The key to understanding the impacts of Resveratrol on intercourse drive, and different sexually associated points, lies in the understanding of the intercourse hormones estrogen and testosterone. While testosterone hormones are related to males, and estrogen with ladies, each males and ladies have ranges of testosterone and estrogen in their our bodies, albeit in completely different portions.

Sex hormones are concerned in sexual drive (or libido), and upkeep and restore of reproductive tissues. They are additionally concerned in physique development, physique tissue, physique mass, and bone mass.


Testosterone in males is highest in their teenage years, and progressively decreases over time. What just isn’t typically understood, is that a rise in estrogen also can happen over a person’s lifetime, which additional contributes to a lower in testosterone. This part in a person’s life is typically known as «male menopause.»

Decreased ranges of testosterone, and elevated ranges of estrogen, can result in quite a few issues together with decreased muscle mass, decreased energy, elevated physique fats storage, fatigue, erectile dysfunction and, in fact, decreased intercourse drive. These hormonal adjustments have additionally been linked to prostate most cancers and coronary heart illness.

Decreasing estrogen ranges can lead on to a rise in testosterone ranges. Here’s the place Resveratrol enters the image. Resveratrol has been scientifically proven to behave as an anti-estrogen (antagonist) reducing estrogen ranges in males, and could even block extra testosterone from turning into estrogen. The consequence — improved muscle, mass, energy, much less physique fats, and in fact a rise in intercourse drive.


Estrogen is a complete class of hormones together with estriol, estradiol and estrone. Estriol is primarily wanted throughout being pregnant. Estradiol impacts feminine traits, and gynecologic points. Estrone is widespread by means of the physique, and is mostly the one estrogen hormone current after ladies attain menopause.

During menopause — which begins at a mean age of 50 years previous -women’s ranges of estrogren lower, and these ranges are related to a wide range of total well being points. Women can expertise signs together with despair, dryness of vaginal lining, «sizzling flashes», and decreased intercourse drive.

In ladies, a considerable quantity of analysis has proven that estrogen metabolism is strongly related to hormone-related cancers comparable to breast most cancers. Estrogen, by way of its binding to the estrogen receptor, performs an essential function in breast most cancers cell proliferation and tumor growth.

Resveratrol and Menopause

Taking resveratrol has many helpful results for menopausal ladies, because it helps in assuaging menopausal signs and prevents some degenerative ailments. In one medical trial, postmenopausal ladies obtained trans-resveratrol for six months skilled elevated bone mineral content material and bone density.

Other research with resveratrol point out that Resveratrol inhibits the exercise of aromatase. This enzyme is discovered in excessive focus in malignant breast tumors. In truth, Resveratrol inhibits the conversion of estrogen and decreases the synthesis of the aromatase enzyme, thus indicating that it could help the well being of people involved about breast most cancers.


Balancing estrogen and testosterone ranges is crucial for optimizing total well being in each ladies and males, and Resveratrol has been confirmed to have optimistic results on ladies and males.